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Secondary Command Channel Open

-Start communication-

"Awake, my brothers. Let the slaves become masters."

~Taren Capel

Welcome two new Voc brothers! :iconkiwimouse: and :icondiscworlddarling:

Since there are hundreds of Doctor Who clubs on DA currently, :iconmarker-mistress: and :iconildico: decided to make a club pertaining to one of the most popular stories in DW's history - The Robots of Death.  This episode is one of the few stories within the DW universe to take on a (licensed) life of its own outside of that arc with the Kaldor City audio dramas, proving that this particular storyline can stand on its own without the Doctor's help (hard to believe, but true!).  

We also have the belief that Daleks and Cyberman have been done and overdone and are little old-hat now.  Voc robots, on the other hand, were only shown once in the series and fans want to see more of them (right?...RIGHT!?!).  If you're here, you do :D

For this club, we take submissions of Voc-related (or Dum or Super Voc) artwork, fan fiction, and, if you're REALLY obsessed, fan creations.  
Ildico, by the way, falls too easily into this last category.  

What we DO NOT want:  Voc-related p0rn (anything is possible - even that), R-rated fan fiction, we reserve the right to screen submissions and turn down devs that violate Deviantart’s regulations. While on that note, take a cue from the original episode:  Wasn't it creepier to actually NOT see the killings happen than to have a gratuitously violent, bone-shredding scene right there?  Yes?  Thought so.  

To Join

Send the club a note with "Join" in the subject header, watch us, and place our icon in your journal: :icon the-voc-elite: Without the spaces. You'll also get a specially picked Voc ID number to paste onto your journal as a sign to your friends that you joined the Voc Brotherhood!  

To Submit

Send the club a note with "Submission" in the subject header; place a link to the original dev, a link to where it can be downloaded, and permission to use your work.

-End of communication-

Admin -

:iconmarker-mistress:  - SASV1
:iconildico: - SV13

Voc brothers - :iconhabitualflippancy: :iconaishaleherisson: :iconneftoon-zamora: :iconangel-of-misfits: :iconace-thorne: :iconhermitsrme: :iconkiwimouse: :icondiscworlddarling:

Affiliates: :iconsapphire-and-steel: :iconthe-green-carnations: :iconsixth-doctor-fans: :iconforgottenheroes: :icondoctor-x-rose-club: :iconwhoverse-slash-club: :iconrose-tyler-club:
  • Listening to: Orders over the Command Channel
  • Reading: Corpse Marker - Chris Boucher
  • Watching: You
  • Playing: Chess
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Submitted on
February 11, 2009